pile up of jordan retro 1's

I remember growing up being infatuated with sneakers. Initially it was only Jordan Retros and some Nike air maxes, but overtime I started to broaden my horizon. It started when I actually began to notice shoes around 5th and 6th grade. I remember seeing my dad with "Pure Money 4s,"and thinking they was the coldest kicks. 7th and 8th grade is when I really began to get involved in the sneaker culture.

We had this sneaker page on Facebook called "254 Kicks," where we would buy, sell, and trade shoes with other sneaker heads in the city. I remember getting my first significant pair called the "Black UNC 14s," off of that page. Nowadays I use a more sophisticated platform for shoes and apparel called You can practically find almost any pair of exclusive shoes on there.

Some people won't understand the relationship one can have with their shoes. But for those that do, understand the sentimental value a pair of shoes or clothing can hold. Not to mention the iconic athletes that have their own line of shoes, some worn in historic games in their careers. The love for sneakers can come from anywhere, but once you learn the history behind them, they have a deeper meaning.