producer compact controller

Life without music, wouldn't be a life worth living. The effect music has on me almost seems unnatural, as I feel like I'm in another place and sometimes another universe when I'm listening to it. My biggest goals consist of music and the creation of it, so other people can feel that same feeling. Music is definitely my deepest passion and everything I'm doing now revolves around achieving my goals for music.

I'm currently teaching myself how to make instrumentals, record and engineer vocals. It's a very detailed and tedious process, but at the same time I'm creating art and expressing myself through it all. Being able to see how your favorite songs are made, just makes you appreciate them more. Even sampling other records shows how can take something good or bad, tweak it, turn it into something else and create a whole new vibe.

It's also really fortunate that I'm around like-minded individuals that share the same love for music as I do. Being heavily influenced by the culture, and being blessed with the talent to create in multiple spectrums of music, feels like we're destined for it. The objective on the to-do list now, is to put the work in to get there. So, if you don't know about us now, you will know about us later.

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